I write about a variety of subjects, because in my worldview everything is connected. My focuses are low input, low-cost gardening and farming; ecosystem restoration; and the principles and theories that support ecologically-minded systems thinking. I first started blogging out of a frustration with gardening advice encountered on social media that is unnecessarily complicated, dogmatic, and expensive. I hope you enjoy my attempt to present alternatives. Perhaps you have similar interests, or maybe you'll just enjoy my writing style, photographs, and quirky sense of humor.

In addition to what I've posted directly to Substack since March 2022, you'll find lots of imported content here as I've been writing about my favorite subjects for years. I greatly appreciate subscribers and their comments and support as I build readership on this platform. I'm committed to keeping all content free, but I've enabled the paid option for readers who would like to support my writing.

I regularly throw in some politics because, as I mentioned, everything is connected. I try to publish once a week, but make no promises especially during spring. Expect lots of photos during growing season. I live, garden, and write in the Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio.

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Ohio-based eco-nerd who is fond of hyphenated words, hobby farming, and systems thinking. Other interests include garden statuary, particularly gnomes.